and VIATICUM (reserved Eucharist)

This sacrament is rooted in James5:13-15 where the apostle says that if the sick person has committed any sins they will be forgiven through prayer and anointing with oil of the community. One of the essential elements of the rite of anointing of the sick is the prayer of the church community for comfort. rooted in the human experience of sickness and death the people of God taking care of each other; praying with and for them ministry to the sick is the responsibility of the entire church community The anointing of the sick consists of the laying on of hands by a priest, the prayers of the church, and the anointing with the oil of the sick. The continuous rite includes the celebration of penance, anointing and eucharist.
Communal celebrations and upon request.

Is there someone you know who is sick and can't attend Mass? Please call the Parish Office at (607)264 3779 so we can bring him/her the Eucharist.