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Sacraments of Initiation


Sacraments of Healing

1. Reconciliation
2. Anointing of the sick

Sacraments of Mission

2.Holy Orders

Preparation for Sacraments

Preparation is required before all of the Sacraments-usually referred to as Direct Preparation. Direct preparation takes place just before someone celebrates the ritual and receives the grace of the particular Sacrament. While immediate preparation is important, the real preparation comes with regular participation in the faith life of the community. It is practically impossible to prepare someone in a few short weeks or months to understand and appreciate something as awesome as God's grace if they have no experience of God's grace in their lives on a daily basis. Parents accept the responsibility to train their children in the practice of the faith when they ask to have their children baptized. Young adults and older adults are responsible for their own training in the practice of the faith and the key word is PRACTICE. Faith must be lived and experienced if it is to be of value in our lives. That is the only way it will bear fruit; otherwise our faith is dead. That is why our motto is FAITH FORMATION IS FOR EVERYONE.